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Gällivare our town up north
European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world
 European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world 

WCRD 2016: Antibiotic Resistance Podcast


WCRD 2016: Antibiotic Resistance Podcast

Our students took a critical look at the information presented by Consumer's International about the harm posed by the antibiotics used in the fast-food industry.A letter was sent to two of the fast-food chains in Sweden, Frasses and Sibylla, asking if the restaurants used antibiotics found in human medicine. After receiving a response, the students chose to focus on one of the papers provided by Consumers International. Each student then shared this new information with her classmates in the form of a podcast.


Below is an example of one of the letters:


We are four high school students who are currently working on an international project called the Erasmus + project. Our theme is about how animals get antibiotics that are for people who then end up in the meat we eat and affect our health.To be able to analyze and work on this we need your help.We would like to know more about Frasse's policy on the use of antibiotics in meat sold in your restaurant's, if a policy is available, ie? What do you think of the fast-food chain's responsibility to sell only antibiotic-free meat? Is this something you work to achieve, and how do you work to achieve this?We would be very happy for answers, that would greatly facilitate our work.


Elisabeth Svanberg, Ida Lantto, Emma Fyrén & Tilda Eriksson

Economic Program, Välkommaskolan Gällivare


Hello Emma,

It has been forbidden for several years to provide animal antibiotics for prevention within the EU.Together with our meat supplier, we require suppliers to use antibiotics for medical purposes only.All animals slaughtered have a certificate that they are free of antibiotics, ie they have not received antibiotics before slaughter and if they have been treated, that they do not go to slaughter before the time of the antibiotic has expired, ie the time it takes for antibiotics in the body to disappear.All medicines that are used and are veterinary prescribed are registered at the individual level at the breeder, which means that consumption is well understood.So the short and simple answer is then No, our meat does not contain antibiotics.

Hope this will help you in your project and wish you a good day.


Pernilla Näslund

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