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 European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world 

Travel Report Rovinj, Croatia 11-16 September 2016

Our Travel Teacher Team from Olpe, Germany:

Nore Schmidt


English, Economics

Ruth Schröder


English, German

Peter Niklas


Sports, Social Sciences,


Sunday, 11 September 2016



Sunday was the first day of our "Erasmus"-project in Rovinj, Croatia. Before arriving in this beautiful town right by the Mediteranian Sea, we had to meet at 4 am in front of the main school building in Olpe. From there a taxi driver took us to the airport in Cologne, where our flight started at 6 am. It was a plane directly to Pula, which is next to Rovinj, so we arrived there in the early morning, for me personally it was even earlier than I would get up anyway. But all of us were so excited for the week that no one thought about getting tired. It was about 10 am when our hosts picked us up and I was so lucky to stay with two nice girls, another one of us Germans and the Croatian one. This whole Sunday was no programme given so we could decide on our own what to do with the rest of the day. Our host's parents own three restaurants in town, so the first thing after visiting our place to stay was going into one of these restaurants and eating breakfast. Directly after that the Croatian girl named Pashmina showed us her hometown and the best thing about everything: the beach that was less than a minute away from her house. It was a really sunny Sunday so we spent the whole afternoon by the water with her friends and some exchange students from Sweden, who were part of the programme too. For dinner we went to another restaurant of her parents where we enjoyed delicious food and after getting ready to go out, we met some other friends of her at a bar to end that great day. Arriving at her house, I got really tired because of the long time being awake and went to sleep, even though I was more than just excited about the next days.


Arrival at Pula Airport

Welcoming by Silvana, our host teacher in Rovinj

SMSI Rovigno

Monday, 12 September 2016


On Monday was our first day at school. I had to get up at 5:15 am because my host Gloria lived in Pula which is fairly far away from Rovinj. School started at 8 o’clock and we were welcomed by the headmistress. She told us that our first activity would be a sightseeing tour of the city centre and the meeting with the deputy mayor of Rovinj. The students of the Croatian school told us some facts about the town, while we were watching some sights. The town hall looked more “royal” than ours and the mayor made a speech. Unfortunately it was in Italian, so we, the Germans and Swedish, were dependent on Silvana's translation. After that we went on with the sightseeing. At midday we had some free time for lunch. At about three we had to be at school again to do a workshop. My group had to find out the differences about oil. Our big topic was olive oil. It was difficult for us to get into the topic. So we made a research on the internet. At about five, school ended and we were allowed to go home.

Everyone of us went with their hosts to the beach, to a restaurant or to do a shopping tour.

 I went home for one and a half hour by bus.

My family was really nice and friendly. The next day I was a bit ashamed to ask for a host family in Rovinj to be with my mates. Silvana succeed in finding a new "home" for me and I was sorry for Gloria.

I’m glad that I made friends with the Swedish girls. Rovinj is a beautiful place.

Welcoming by Silvana Turchinovic and the headmistress Mrs Ines Venier

Handing over a medal with the landmark of Kreis Olpe, the Hohe Bracht

This was our first day with lots of interesting information about Rovinj and lots of fun.


Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Felix and me woke up at 6:00 a.m. and prepared to go to school. Our host Filip served us something for breakfast. It was like a “Berliner” but it was filled with cream. We went to the school and we were brought to a room where we met the Deputy Prefect of Istria County and listened to a great presentation by  the Swedish students about their town Gällivare and their country. The next stop in our program was the visit to an exhibition of the photographer Massimo Sella. On this point I'd like to mention something: The complete presentation of the exhibition was in Italian so we the German students and the Swedish students understood nothing. Following this, we visited the Batana Eco Museum. There we were shown the different kinds of fishing nets and the boats which are in the port of Rovinj.

After the visit to the museum we went back to school and worked in our workshops. In the evening we went to the beach and listened to a guitar and had a lot of fun. It was a really nice ending of the day.


Rovijnian Folklore

Wednesday, 14 September 2016



In the morning we went to Porec. There we visited the first secret church in Croatia. We climbed up some steps and on the top we saw the sea and the town. After that we had ten minutes to buy something or eat something.


Secondly we went to Pula. We looked at the Arena. It is a beautiful arena. Like the Colosseum in Rome. After that we had one hour to explore the town.


Then went to the Eco Museum. We listened to a presentation how olive oil is produced.


At last we went to the Histria Aromatica. We listened to a presentation about the farm. Then we went to the lab. We watched how lavender oil is produced.


After that interesting bus also exhausting day we went back to Rovinj.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


In the morning we started to give our presentation about our product ‘Olivia’.

My group was responsible to prepare the logo and the design, this was  a difficult challenge but after a few days we finished it. By creating the tasks it was very important for us to have a message behind the our product. Because the olive oil should stand for a better health and it should help to live a healthier life by using it.


After that we went to the Centre of Marine Research/ Aquarium to get there a lecture about the marine researches and the nanotechnologies applied to the aquatic environment. We learned there a lot about the different kinds of fish,and moreover what the intention of this centre was: preserving the habitat of fish and protecting the ocean from pollution by microplastics.


In the middle of the day we made a trip by boat. The water was very clear and it was very nice to see more of the landscape of Rovinj.

Last Dinner

Rovinj, we love you.


Friday, 16 September 2016 (group one)


We ( Nore, Peter, Felix, Marius and Lina) were picked up by a taxi at 7:30 a.m. and taken to Airport Zagreb. Before leaving Rovinj however, the Croatian teachers Silvana and Helena came to say us a warm good bye.

The journey to Zagreb lasted approximately 3 hours and it took us through the mountains at a height of 1000 m through fog and rain. In Zagreb the sun was shining. What a surprise!

At the airport everything went quite easy as the airport is a rather small one.

After a coffee break in the sun we went to the waiting lounge and thought we could board on time. Unfortunately our plane had a delay so that we could finally board 35 minutes later than scheduled. On our arrival at Franz-Josef-Strauss-Airport in Munich we had to hurry a lot. Long corridors, escalators, other corridors and even a few moving walkways led us the way to a pilotless shuttle that took us to our terminal. On board the plane we were offered a chocolate bar and a drink.

We landed in Cologne at 5:15 p.m. where Daniel, our taxi driver, was already waiting for us.

Olpe had us back at 6:00 p.m.


Friday, 16 September 2016 (group two)


Our morning started quite early and the students had to finish their workshops. The presentations should start at 9 a.m. but because of difficulties they started at 10. Before the students were told to fill in the feedback sheets to evaluate the week in Rovinj.

At 10 everyone was invited to join the presentation on olive oil.

The first group showed their results: it was an ad for Olivia - the olive oil. Afterwards they presented a little spot which they produced in their group.

Group 2 compared different kinds of oil to olive oil like palm oil or sun oil. They showed in e.g. pie diagrams which advantages olive oil has.

Group 3 calculated the costs for the olive oil production.

The project song was cancelled because the most important student got ill and no one else was able to play the piano.

After that we had a break.

Because Mr. Korlevic was late the students had to give feedback again which was not accepted by the Croatian Teacher and there was no sense in asking the students again for their opinion.

The lecture started at 11:30 a.m. and was on the topic of “Light Pollution”. Mainly Mr. Korvelic talked about the “New Future”, its perspectives, possible jobs or technical gadgets. He referred to many scientific topics and tried to motivate the students to ask themselves where they want to be in the future. The students were really interested and asked a lot of questions after the lecture.

The the Minister came in and said “Hello” to everyone, especially to the visitors from Germany, Sweden and Italy. Mrs. Benussi and the principal came as well to say “Hello”.

At 1 we had lunch and went back to our hosts and to the hotel.

Our taxi picked us up at 2:30 p.m. and we went to Zagreb. Unfortunately we had two stops - in Zagreb and in Munich - but because of that we had the opportunity to shop and to rest and wait for the next flight.

Daniel picked us up as well in Cologne and we arrived in Olpe at about midnight.

Bye, bye Silvana and Helena. See you in Gällivare in April 2017

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