European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world
 European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world 

Impressions of Sweden

A group of students and their teachers from Germany, Croatia and Italy spent an eventful week in Gällivare, Sweden, where they visited their partner school Välkomaskolan for one week.
The aim was that we teenagers get an awareness for consumption constraints, globalization, personal attitude and desires and how these can change humans and their self image.
In Gällivare, 70 km north of the polar circle, we had the chance to visit two different mines, take part in workshops and explore the country and its residents. During our free time we and the teachers were able to show our skiing abilities on a guided tour with a snowmobile and to enjoy the beautiful landscape itself.
We lived in host families and had the chance to get to know people and culture a lot better! We went bowling, had lunch or dinner together to get to know one another, to talk about differences and similarities between the different countries.
All together, we spent a day at a local winter sport location called Dundret and some of us were skiing, sledging or walking through winter wonderland of Sweden itself.

On the last day in Gällivare students and teachers spent some time in Sápmi museum to learn more about Swedish culture and natives. After that we had lunch and went back to school to have concluding presentations about projects students of the different countries have worked on. Afterwards we got to know a real Swedish fika.
In the evening we spent some time at Dundret again, students only, to listen to good music, making marshmallows, reflecting and talking about the past week, all the memories we have made and more beautiful moments lying ahead of us, we can not wait for more to come here in Germany!

Maria Schulte, GOE 15

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Impressions of Gällivare

 KLAB iron mine and Boliden copper mine

Malmberget - a town is being moved due to the iron ore mine

(scale model)

Getting a ride on snow mobiles

Introduction into Sami culture

Our presentation about the consumption of energy drinks




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