European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world
 European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world 

My trip to Olpe



This year in May we visited Olpe, in Germany. We made new friends and saw new places that are mostly very different from what we’re used to seeing.

We visited a biological farm successfully run by four families. To carry out their farming activities the families get help from some elderly people who live there and  in that way get the chance to be active and feel socially useful. We learned a lot about social life, social inclusion and solidarity there, and I can say that we couldn’t have imagined a life full of joy by working together. This visit has left a very nice impact on me. I really liked it.

Together with our partner schools we made a PPT presentation of our project  meetings and on different project topics we have explored together. We talked about our research on ICT.  We  were happy to meet dr Peter Liese, Member of the European Parliament, who attended our meeting and gave a talk on the importance of the Erasmus+ projects.

We also took part and had fun in some creative workshops on up-cycling. We also had a really good time while doing a test on carbon footprint. We had to calculate the amount of CO2 that we produce. Guess what? We had the lowest score, only 85%, compared to 190% obtained by some of our partners.

 I had a lot of fun and I would recommend to everyone who has a chance to participate to such events to do so.


                                                                                                             Karla Šverko

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