European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world
 European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world 

Report of the German Students

Our trip to our partner school „istituto magistrale S.Aguissola in Cremona, Italy
from 19 – 23 October 2015



We started our trip in Olpe at 5 on Monday morning, went to Cologne Airport by taxi and took the plane to Milan. There  we rented a van and went to our partner school in Cremona. Some girls were already waiting for us and were very happy about our visit. The headmaster of the school welcomed us and our teachers. Now it was time that each school presented ist town and area.

Then we got divided  in some different groups. The different groups were split in the topics „logo“, „video“, „song“  and „trailer“. After the teamwork we went together into the city of Cremona. There some Italian students told us something about the history of the cathedral and the baptistery. A  local channel had been  invited and interviewed some students and teachers about our project. Moreover we visited the town hall and were welcomed by the mayor of Cremona. In the evening we went to our host families and had a dinner with them. All in all I can say that it was a very nice experience and all the students were very hospitable. I look forward to seeing the students again in April when they visit us in Germany :)
Anna Gutstein


On Tuesday morning we worked in the small groups that had been established the day before.
We collected material to complete the different workshops. After a little coffee break we went to the violins museum in Cremona. There we listened to some titles that were composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. They were played on the last violin that had been built by Stradivari. Then we had a guided tour through this museum which is unique in the world. We saw many stringed instruments, among them some original Stradivaris. After the museum we ate something in a restaurant.

In the afternoon we were shown a presentation about the RIVOLTINI factory. The manager and owner of the company had come to the school and he talked about the production and marketing of white nougat.

Jessica Kirchhoff


On Wednesday all participants of the project Erasmus +  visited the world exhibition EXPO in Milan.
The site was a huge platform with pavilions of almost all countries of the world. Due to the large crowds we unfortunately could only explore very few pavilions from  inside.

However the area of the German exhibition was very large. It was made up of the main pavilion, a picnic pavilion and a stage. We of course visited the picnic pavilion, as you could go there without queuing and joining a tour. It was placed on the roof terrace and we relaxed in the warm sun or could buy German specialities like Sauerkraut or typical German beer.
Delia Thranberend


On Thursday morning we had some time to finish the workshop with our logos, videos and the song.
Then we had a coffee break. After that we went to the Sacro Cuore Catholic University and we listened to a presentation about Novel Food. This according to Professor Capri will be jelly fish, algae and insects because the earth will not be able to feed all human beings in the future. The idea about Novel Food was very disgusting.


At lunchtime we went to Cremona Po shopping centre and had time to eat and shop something.
In the afternoon we visited the Azienda Agricola ''Pisaroni'' Cascina Pizzavacca (Soarza). There we had a giuded tour and we listened to interesting information about the Azienda where the waste of the vegetable and fruit products is used for fertilizing the soil of the plants. A real good example of sustainable farm production.


In my opinion we had a successful week in Italy!
We had time to learn something about other cultures and lifestyles.
The people were very hospitable and cordial. I miss the time in Italy. Thank you for the nice time.
Next year we will have a good time here in Germany!

Sophia Pashalidis



On Friday morning all students worked in their assigned groups in the school in Cremona to continue on their projects. We looked at 4 different logos and chose one of them.
One of our tasks had been to compose and sing a song for our project. Me and my group presented the song to all other participants:

We are Erasmus.
We are the plus.
We do an exchange for a better world,
so let's start changing.

We have to work together,
every country, hand in hand.
Fight against poverty workers conditions.
Because we have the chance!

We are Erasmus.
We are the plus.
We do an exchange for a better world,
so let's start changing.


The melody is similar to the song "We Are The World - USA for Africa", which I along with Matheo, an Italian musician, adapted and partially composed. The lyrics were also designed by me.

The entire project brought all of us a lot of fun. We made new friends and many great experiences. I highly recommend it to anyone!
Delia Thranberend


All in all I think it was an interesting week with good experiences. We met  many friendly people and families.
I was sad to go home but I hope we will have a great time in Germany next year.
Our trip ended with a few hours in the beautiful city of Milan from where we went to the aiport
to get our plane back to Cologne.
Jessica Kirchhoff




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