European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world
 European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world 

Healthy food

Talk about healthy food and the correct diet. 





On Monday 16th november our group went to BONTA': it’s an annual food fair  which takes place in our city, Cremona. It deals with typical Italian food from different areas and especially coming from our local production. We visited the fair and participated in a workshop about food sustainability. We talked about the price and the quality of some products such as “BE-READY”, a small roll of bread with Nutella inside.

After  analysing the quality of the ingredients and the price, we saw that it is very expensive and we understood that we usually pay the very well known brand, and not the real quality of the product.

After all, when we buy any product, in particular, food, we have to pay attention to the ingredients, the kilo price , the packaging, and the labels.

Another important element to consider is the ADVERTISEMENT  which influences our choices. Infact, the more a product is  advertised  the higher the price is.

Another topic we talked about is the consumption of water; we thought about the waste of water in everyday life but above all in the production of meat.

As we see in this picture above the first pyramid is the healthy one, while the one on the right shows the wrong eating habit which is also a problem for the environment because the meat has a bigger impact on it if compared to that of fruit and vegetables.

The second step of the workshop consisted in a group work (as we were divided into three groups) to  develop three different diets: one Mediterranean, one based on the eating of meat, one vegetarian.

We created a daily menu for each diet. The Mediterranean was characterized by fish, meat, ham or salami for lunch and cheese and eggs for dinner; the second was based on the eating of meat and ham or salami both for lunch and for dinner and the vegetarian was without meat and fish. 

The conclusion was that the healthiest diet consists in the assumption of all different kind of food trying to balance them without exagerations.




Are we aware of the food we eat?!

This is to learn, the focus of Bontà. 

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