European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world
 European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world 

Students' Feedback on the poster desing course

students of GOW 16, GOBI 15, GOBI 14




Nils Geiler:

In the past weeks, when I used to work on my poster, I´ve learned a lot, even though it sometimes was a bit of stressful. Like I mentioned I´ve learned a lot, like working with "Scribus" and working with "Gimp", it wasn‘t as easy as I thought, but after some weeks I got used to it and finally when I had the knowledge I got work ten times faster than at the beginning.

In my opinion it was good, that the project was a group project, that made it easier to find good ideas, though it made it harder to start working sometimes.

To finish this, I loved the opportunity that we got here, and would do it again, if I could.

Anna Niklas:

I had to  collect a lot of new experiences in many different areas of work . It was a great time to work with this topic, because I have learnt what “Erasmus“ is , how I have to  handle“Scribus“ or “Gimp“ and to work with others in a team. It was a versatile working and learning effect.

Furthermore the team work was great, because everybody had a different idea and when someone had a problem, the others could help. So we found  a solution together.

It was a new challenge, but we have learnt to configure an interesting poster.

There was a lot of fun!


Johanna Klotz:

I have learned in the subject "Gestaltung", how to use different editing programs. I have learned very quickly and easily to serve this programs.

In the teamwork I have learned, that communication is very important between the group members. Everything has to be adjusted  and co-ordinated exactly  and everyone must have his own task, in which everyone is  sure what he/she does. I realize, that a reasonable teamwork is very important for a successful project.


Eduard Kostromow:

When I first came to this course I had no knowledge in designing or editing images on certain programs but after I got some help from other pupils and from the teacher,  my images became better and better and I learned so much like how to cut things out of images or change the colour on an image. But I had still some problems in IT. These problems were solved as I sat down at home and watched many videos on YouTube. So in my opinion I have learned much at home. I mean I spent too much time for this at home than at school!


Dennis Bach:

For me personally, it was harder than I thought it would be, before we really started this project.

Our self-chosen topic „world peace“ was hard to realize.

Another negative thing I have to admit is, that except one, there was nobody in our group, having any knowledge about design technology.

But we learned fast and became better in things like Gimp et cetera.

Also our creativity raised  while we made our project week by week.

We worked together as a really good team, it went very well doing it this way. We also wanted to do it.

So all in one, it was very successful for us personally and I hope it will bring success for Erasmus, too.


Alena Meyer:

In general, I found the project very interesting, because I have never

designed posters digitally before. With the creation of my

poster I have learned   how I have to work with Gimp and Scribus. Moreover, I have got

to know even more about the Erasmus-project.  I have learned, how to

make teenagers be careful about important problems.


Jessica Kern:

When I worked on the project Erasmus+ I have  many experiences.

My group and me worked on the topic „ child labor“.

For me it was very interesting to work on this topic because I have been  interested in this topic for a long time.

I learned a lot about this topic. It was interesting to work with the programs Scribes and GIMP as well. I learned how to use them and how to edit pictures. I liked it that we worked in teams because we could share ideas. All in all it was very exiting to work with my group on those programs.


Stefanie Pott:

During our design lessons I learned a lot about the programmes GIMP and scribus. I learned how to edit a picture and how to put them together as a poster. Mainly the effect on the reader was very interesting. Furthermore it was great to see how small things, like the  using different character fonts changes the result .


Ilias Thanos:

I think the project I was in, was really successful and I have learned much about the modern kind of arts.

Furthermore I Iearned how to deal with creativity and in what ways you can produce your ideas, e.g. with programs like Gimp, Scribus etc.

In addition I loved the work in the team and how we have created something together.


Jan-Niklas Schmidt:

In my opinion this project supported me in thinking creatively. We worked together in a group and everyone had his own aim but in the end we had to present a collage of one topic, so we learned what it meant to work in a team. For the programs Scribus and Gimp you need time to learn the important features. All in all it was a great, funny and interesting time.


Tina Brodkorb:

I have learned that sometimes it is important to discuss ideas with others.

In addition to that, it was interesting to see how versatile you can create posters and I think it would help me the next time to create nice posters without much text on them.

Overall it was a nice and exciting project.

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