European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world
 European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world 

Speech held on 2 May 2017 / Final TPM

Dear  Dr. Liese

Dear guests from Cremona, Gällivare and  Rovinj- Rovigno

Dear Mr Schmidt

Dear students and dear colleagues of our school


My hearty welcome to this final meeting in our 2-year Erasmus project which we are proud and happy to hold here in Olpe.

Two years of dealing with the topic „European teenage consumers in a globalized world“ lie behind us . This topic gave us the opportunity to think about our own impact on many areas of human life,

of our own lives and the world around us,

What is more we found impulses for acting in our daily lives.

We dealt with many kinds of consumerism like food and clothes consumption,

energy consumption,

environmentally friendly and sustainable behaviour and much more,

which would go too far to be mentioned here.


It was hard work for us teachers and most of all for our students. A great amount of energy and creativity was put forward and we took up the challenge together.


I believe our project was successful in sharpening our minds for the values of human rights, the earth and the people and animals living on it. All these areas are influenced by our ways of consumption.

I know that our students increased their English language skills and general awareness of language. I also know that they increased their skills in Information Technology. I myself learned a lot and I feel that  Life Long Learning is possible and important.

In my opinion however, the most important thing to take away from this experience is the friendships we formed. We met via skype, via phone, via WhatsApp and last but not least during our transnational project meetings in Cremona, Rovin, Gällivare and Olpe.

The friendships among students and teachers across the borders of our countries is something very percious that we should appreciate and preserve    -  this, first of all in times when Europe is in danger of drifting apart.

We all have learned much about the culture of our partners and devolped respect for each other.

And it is this respectful view of the other person and his/ her country and culture which can be the foundation for peace in Europe and in the world.

Summing up I am of the opinion that our project is a great success not for our group alone  but it also may help to make the world a bit better.


Thank you.

(Eleonore Schmidt)



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