European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world
 European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world 

Germany's questionnaire about energy drinks

Participants of the survey: 296  students (full-time, part-time)

1 Which energy drinks do you know?

Red Bull   221

Monster  216

Booster  188

Rockstar  218


                other / which ones 

Effect, Relentless, Powerpoint, Paranoic, Black Cat, Sky Energy, Rhinos, one sexergy, Bullit, 28 black, ster, Rocket Energy, Released. Fly Host, Hello, lines, Dr. Peper Energy, Kickoff, OK, Power Horse, Kong Strong. Magic Man, Heavy One, Power G, Ultimate, Kong, Action, lion, maximal G, Power G,


2 Are you a consumer of these energy drinks or other energy drinks?

Yes 85

Sometimes  89

No  40

If no, go on with question no 7


3 If yes, what are the reasons why you drink energy drinks?

  Thirst  19

  Taste 77

  to keep  awake 75

  to be mentally and physically more powerful 15

  to  get more endurance

  it’s cheaper than other soft drinks 2

  other reasons:. In combination with alcohol (9) ; to keep calm; I like it( 2) ; to push

                               my  blood circulation



4 How much of the energy drink do you drink per week

1-2 cans  60

 3-5 cans  32

 5-10 cans   7

  more than 10 cans       6 ( one person said 20-30 cans per week)


 5 How much money do you spend on energy drinks per week.

up to 2 euros   43

3-5 euros  23

5-7 euros 4


8-10 euros  3

more  8


6 In which situations/places do you drink it?

at school  25

at work  23

at home in relaxed situations e.g. when watching TV 55

when playing computer games  29

 in the disco or pub  65



When shopping, before school, before going to sleep, when driving (12), with friends (12), before doing sport, shisha ba, beim „Vorglühen“ at home




7 Do you think that energy drinks can make addictive?

 Yes  192

No   29


8 What do you think is inside (ingredients)? Guess!

   Name four ingredients

                sugar, vitamin-B , caffeine, taurine, water, guarana, sweeteners, calcium, salt, magnesium, nicotine, coca, glucose, acelsulfam, flavour enhancers, carbonic acid, stierhoden, preservatives,

food additives, highly dosed caffein,


9 Do you think energy drinks are healthy products?  34

   If no, please say why you think so. 

   Causes: diabetes, heart attacks, makes addictive, bad for the stomach, makes hyperactive, disturbs your   

  brain, too much chemical stuff in it,   makes stupid, bad for your blood circulation, and for the pregnant


   If yes, please say why you don’t think so.

   It gives me energy (1x)

10  Below there is a list of diseases that might be aroused by energy drinks. Please tick the   disease  that   you think can be the consequence of energy drink consumption.

heart attack   177

Obesity   115

Arthrosis   31

 Caries   160

 Blindness  55

 Sleeplessness  157

kidney failure  121

cramps  87

Nervousness  153

 harm to the unborn child   127

Cancer  83

sensitivity to influenza  41


11 Where do you think ingredients come from? (country/countries)

China, USA, Germany, Japan, India, Austria, Thailand, South America, Asia, Africa, (laboratory), everywhere

12 Where do you think production of the ready product is? (country/countries)

USA, Netherlands, Germany, England, Austria, Spain, Brasil, Kasachstan, everywhere





“Energy drinks represent a multibillion dollar industry that is growing every day.


While teenagers and young adults have traditionally been the largest consumer groups, in recent years more people of all demographics have begun consuming energy drinks“ (RSNA, 2013)

Considering how dangerous energy drinks are, it is important to learn more about the side effects.


Firstly it has to be said that energy drinks are not as safe as sports drinks or coffee. A regular consumption can promote a lot of side effects, but consumers often don’t know this. Therefore, consumers of Monster have reported the following alleged side effects: Cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), Kidney failure, Heart attack, Heart failure and at worst death.

According to an editorial published last year in the Journal of the American Medical Association(JAMA), a study conducted by The Mayo Clinic found that a 240-mg version of Rockstar Energy Drink caused an
increase in stress hormone release. Especially  combining alcohol and  energy drinks can be very dangerous because the mixture keeps people awake for a longer period of time, allowing them to consume more  alcohol than they ordinarily would.

A study of roughly 1,100 college students in 2011 found those people  whose consumption of energy drinks was very high, have an increased risk for alcohol dependence compared to those who did not consume energy drinks. This could be due to the fact that people drink energy drinks to recover from a hangover. This has been pointed out by the results from the study analysis of the JAMA.

According to self-report surveys, energy drinks are consumed by 30% to 50% of adolescents and young adults. Obviously young people are the target group of the product even though Monster and similar energy drinks can have dangerous effects on younger people.

In conclusion, Energy drinks have no therapeutic benefit, and many ingredients are understudied and not regulated. In the short-term, health professionals should inform society about the possible effects of energy drinks.

Vivien Ostrowski , HSG 15, BKO

The production of energy drinks

Make your own healthy energy drink

Video made by  Ahmed Soleyman and Muhammed Özcelik (BWF 16 A)

PPT by students of HH 16 B

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