European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world
 European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world 

Questions on the „Buy nothing day“




1. Do I consume relatively much compared to other members of my age group? Do I consume just for fun?

2. Which goods/services would I have loved a lot to buy on “Buy Nothing Day”?

3. Which ones did I really buy and why?

4. Which ones did I do without and why?

5. Which ones did I buy nevertheless before or after BND?

6. Could I do without certain goods/services in general?



my thoughts and decisions                                                                                                               26 students in total

1.            18 students say that they consume unconsciously and more or less without thinking.

                5 students say that they consume relatively little.

                4 students say that they don’t really know whether they consume much or not.

2.            14 students didn’t want to buy anything.

                12 students wanted to buy:
                mobiles, Christmas presents, Fairtrade products, fast food, clothes, games

3.            10 students didn’t buy anything

                16 bought the following items:

                alcoholic drinks, food, Christmas presents, fairtrade cocoa, a top (???)

4.            12 said: None!

                The others said (best of):

                „Fast food. It’s unhealthy anyway!“  “Sweets!”  “Chocolate, there was not my favourite kind.”

                “Mobile because I was on a party!”  “I bought a bit less than usual.”  “I did without several

                goods  because I just don’t need to buy them!!”

5.            15 said: None!

                The others said (best of):

                “Everything in advance!”  “After.” (???)  “Winter boots two days later.”  “Cigarettes.”   

                “Chocolate because I can’t do without it.” (I am feeling with you.)

6.            11 said: NO!!

                The others said (best of):

                “Yes, some.” (??)  “Broccoli and bananas.” (Huhu)  “Aluminium.”  “Sweets that are not

                 absolutely  necessary.” (Do you know any??)



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