European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world
 European Teenage Consumers in a Globalized world 

Who we are


Our school is a combined secondary school, both grammar (gymnasium) and vocational. It offers courses specializing in science and mathematics, foreign languages, and vocational education and training (physiotherapy, economics, hospitality and tourism management). It is small-sized but well-equipped school with a very committed and highly qualified teaching staff. Our school iswell known for providing good quality education, as proved by the high percentage of students enrolled at universities, both in the country and abroad.
It is attended mainly by students who belong to the local Italian minority living in Istria, Croatia, as well as by students of other nationalities. The region where we live has always been a bilingual and multicultural one and in the last two decades there has been a considerable increase in immigration due to the war conflicts in the former Yugoslav countries.
Our educational institution has always been highly interested and engaged in promoting initiatives aimed at supporting intercultural dialogue and appreciation, human rights protection and active citizenship. We have successfully taken part in a large number of partnerships and extracurricular activities whose aims were to raise our students' awareness of the need to encourage social inclusion and acceptance, protect gender equality and support sustainable development.
We believe that cross curricular partnerships represents a great opportunity for our students to become more open-minded and sensitive towards other people's needs, and encourage cultural enrichment and personal growth.
Belonging to an ethnic group but being citizens of the world, we understand that cultural diversity, ethical awareness and social engagement are a great wealth for everyone.



We are a vocational school in the rural area of the county of Olpe, famous for its suppliers to the automobile industry, some of which are global players and the main employers in the region. Approximately 3,500 students in full-time and part-time classes  are taught in 9 departments (economics, domestic sciences, social sciences, technology, handicraft) by 160 teachers at 3 different locations. The school has a contract of cooperation with the University of Siegen especially in the field of information technology for our A-level students who are studying economics. Each year our students strive for the GCSE or for a university of applied sciences entrance qualification. There are trainings and job application seminars  to give those students who are running the risk of early school leaving a fair chance to start an apprenticeship. Individual counselling before and during the students‘ stay at BKO is a central module of our work. The county of Olpe registers 8.3 % foreigners whereas 25 % of teenagers have a migration background.
Every year our students take exams for certificates of English knowledge at the different levels B1, B2, and C1 according to the CEFR, which provide them with better chances on the job market.  


We are the secondary school “Liceo delle Scienze Umane, Economico Sociale e Coreutico Sofonisba Anguissola" is situated in Cremona, (Lombardy), a town surrounded by a vast, mainly agricultural area. The school  offers courses in human science, socio-economics and in the biomedical scientific field. It is attended both by students living in the city centre and by students fromneighbouring villages. There are 811 students and 85 teachers. We have been carrying out eTwinning projects for 10 years, and received national and European Quality Labels for some of them.  This year two projects were in the final stage of the European eTwinning Prize and one of them was awarded the second prize. Among its many activities, the school promotes various initiatives to improve students’ skills in foreign languages and prevent early school leaving. Special attention is devoted to promoting gender equality, spreading a culture of justice and respect for fellow human beings, and offering professional guidance.  Our students often take part in Skype video conferences with their partner schools abroad to improve their learning and foreign language communication skills. The school is technologically well-equipped: classrooms are provided with IWBs and there are netbooks for each student. 



Välkommaskolan is situated in the small iron mining town of Malmberget, 100 km north of the Arctic Circle.  It is a non-selective upper secondary school catering for both academic and vocational students aged 15/16 to 18/19.  The academic sector comprises departments specialising in civics, natural sciences, technology and economics.  The vocational sector offers an education combined with training for future car mechanics, HGV drivers, industrial workers, plumbers, electricians, tradespeople, and builders.  We also have students who are preparing for life in the medical care sector, and we have a department that caters for students with special needs. We also have a ski school, with its own programme of training.  
All students are guaranteed an Upper Secondary Certificate if they pass their courses, which gives them access to university studies. The means of assessment  we use are in accordance with the Swedish School Board’s regulations and grade criteria.  There are standardised tests in Swedish, English, Maths and foreign languages.
Currently there are 557 students in the school, plus 10 special needs students.  The total number of staff (including e.g. administrators, etc) is approx. 170, with 51 X 100% teaching posts distributed among rather more individual teachers, some of whom work part time.  There are 4 full time teaching posts in the special needs sector.  The average number of students dropping out of school per annum is about 6 - 7 (about 1%), and there are approximately a further 16 or so who leave without full qualifications.



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